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the 61-member group shot of TTL for BIF-5… how it was done….


24 April 2013

TTL Group Photo - Processed

probably should’ve come up with this post several days back, but circumstances led me to wait a bit more than I would’ve liked…. anyway, there’s always a time for everything, and perhaps this is the time for this post…. “Bangladesh in Frames V” (BIF) came to an end last night (23rd April 2013) making us feel a bit empty…. this group photo that we’re talking about was on display outside Drik Gallery for five days during the exhibit…. those who are wondering why a group shot like this is so special to us, can visit our previous two posts on group shots of this nature…. the one for BIF-3 (2011) and the one for BIF-4 (2012) set a standard for “Through the Lens: Bangladesh” (TTL) and made our work harder…. this meant that every year we have to produce something ever more creative and ever…

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Let’s have some chat on macro photography with Raiyan Ahmed

Raiyan Ahmed.. an excellent photographer with extensive knowledge in macro photography and in bugs.

To know more about him click here. See his photostream.

We had discuss about macro photography at . Macro photography is completely a new world to me. Tried to learn something from him.

Here it goes…..

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Livelihood, originally uploaded by Mahmud Fahmi.

Tanguar haor is an important habitat for fish conservation and fish production. This not only supports fish but also other aquatic organism and vegetation. it has been declared as Ramsar Site for its ecological importance. The haor is the home of 140 species of sweet water fishes and thousands of indigenous birds. It is also an excellent wintering site for large numbers of migratory birds.

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পরীবিবির সমাধি

পরীবিবির সমাধি :
এই ভবনটি মুঘল সুবেদার শায়েস্তা খানের প্রিয় কন্যা পরীবিবির সমাধি নামে পরিচিত। বাংলাদেশে এই একটি মাত্র ইমারতে মার্বেল পাথর, কষ্টি পাথর ও বিভিন্ন রং এর ফুল-পাতা সুশোভিত চাকচিক্যময় টালির সাহায্যে অভ্যন্তরীণ নয়টি কক্ষ অলংকৃত করা হয়েছে । কক্ষ গুলির ছাদ কষ্টি পাথরে তৈরী । মূল সমাধি সৌধের কেন্দ্রীয় কক্ষের উপরের কৃত্রিম গম্বুজটি তামার পাত দিয়ে আচ্ছাদিত । ২০•২ মিটার ব্রগাক্রতি আই সমাধিটি ১৬৮৮ খ্রিষ্টাব্দের পুর্বে নির্মিত |

Traditionally attributed to be the tomb of Pari Bibi. A favorite daughter of the mughal subadar Shaista Khan. This isaunique monument in Bangladesh where marble stones, black brasaltand glazed tiles have been used to embellish the interior of its nine chambers. Where as the roofs of the chambers are spanned by massive over lapping courses of black basalt. The central tomb chamber is covered by a false copper dome. The construction of the tomb measuring externally 202 meter square, was completed before 1688 A.D.)



The sky was flat. Absolutely no clouds. So I took it for practicing Texture. From this tutorial

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Chasing The Thunder

Chasing The Thunder, originally uploaded by Mahmud Fahmi.

I looking forward to shoot thunder for a long time. But, every time I come to know its thundering … whether I was sleeping or I’m out of touch of my camera. But this time I was lucky, I got it… though it was behind a high rise building…!! Still, I’m happy and I was thrilled to shoot that beauty…!!

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Maverick, originally uploaded by Mahmud Fahmi.

I was in the garden in front of Karzon Hall, University of Dhaka. There were some beautiful flowers. When looked closely I found some flies, they might be bees (I’m not a Zoologist :P). They were beautiful. It was hard to focus them, because of the wind and also they were flying. I noticed two of them were targeting the same flower, but one at a time. Reminded me the movie ‘Top gun’ in a tiny version. It was interesting.

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Story In Frames

Story In Frames, originally uploaded by MahmudFahmi.

Taken from the photography exhibition “Bangladesh in Frames 3”, held in Drik Gallery, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh from March 25 – March 29 2011. Organized by TTL. It was a good memory. A good number of visitors were there. I was trying to get them in slow shutter while they were visiting the photos.

One of my photos was there. Though that was taken by mobile from “Walk in the Past”. Feeling great to be a part of it.

একটি বাংলাদেশ

একটি বাংলাদেশ
তুমি জাগ্রত জনতার
সারা বিশ্বের বিস্ময়
তুমি আমার অহংকার..!!!

আমার দেশের পতাকা হাতে এর চেয়ে অনেক ভাল ভাল ছবি আছে।
ঐ ছবি গুলো দেখে আমিও চেয়েছিলাম, আমিও এমন করে তুলবো।
জানি না, কতটুকু পেরেছি, কিন্তু আমার উদ্দেশ্য মোটামুটি সফল।

Fired Up Celebration

Fired Up Celebration, originally uploaded by MahmudFahmi.

This is after shock of win of bangladesh cricket team verses english cricket team on cricket world cup 2011. People was shouting – dancing like hell. Bunch of guys bought fire to put a show. It was risky to play this things in crowd, but these guys were crazy.

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Nafakhum Falls

Nafakhum Falls, originally uploaded by MahmudFahmi.

Nafa-khum (Bengali: নাফাখুম) is a waterfall in Bangladesh on the Sangu River. It is among the largest waterfalls in the country by volume of water falling.