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PosgreSql 9.0.x replication on CentOS 5.5 x64

For Postgresql replication database system consists of two servers, one is master server and another is slave server. CentOS 5.5 x64 is installed in both of the servers. Following steps are applicable in both of the servers. I issued all the commands as root. For our demo I used as master and as slave.

  • Installing Postgresql server.

wget http://yum.postgresql.org/9.0/redhat/rhel-5.0-x86_64/pgdg-centos90-9.0-5.noarch.rpm

rpm -ivh pgdg-centos90-9.0-5.noarch.rpm

yum install postgresql90-server.x86_64

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Working with alfresco-3.4.d workflow to send email

From the past two weeks was working with alfresco community version. Its pretty good in its domain. My was to configure it, so that my company can use it for managing various official documents. It has several workflows. One of them is parallel workflow. The plan was my boss wants to start a workflow with a office note and he will add some of the officers for reviewing. Well, this can be done in parallel workflow. But, he also wants that, after initiating workflow an email will be sent to the reviewers. Now, this wasn’t in alfresco. The only mail functions in adhoc workflow.

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Automated Postgres database backup on CentOS

My application is running on Postgres. Now, I’m planning to take daily backup of my database.

So, far I have learned from using PgAdmin III, I can take back up using the backup tool. Its a easy process. Open PgAdmin III, connect to the database server. Right click on the db name and click backup. Save the back up file and it is done. But, I couldn’t find anything, that I can create a schedule and it will take back up according to the schedule.

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Installing Oracle 10g in CentOS 5.5

My CentOS is ready to install Oracle 10g in Virtual Box.

I have downloaded Oracle 10g’s Linux version of 32 bit form here and saved it in ‘/opt’.


Now, lets unzip it.

cd /opt/

unzip 10201_database_linux32.zip

Then, we will find a folder named ‘database’ in /opt.

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Installing CentOS 5.5 – (For Dummies)

I’m installing CentOS 5.5 on virtual box.

It’s pretty straight forward.

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Creating New Virtual Machine in Virtual Box – (For Dummies)

My motive is to perform a RND. Installing Oracle 10g in CentOS 5.5

I will do ir in Virtual Box 3.2 . So, Virtual Box + CentOS + Oracle. It’s a new combination for me. At first I have to create a virtual machine. The actual machine i’m is not good though, its Dell Optiplex 330 which means it has core2duo with  2G ram. Oracle alone needs 2G ram. Lets see what can be managed.

* Start virtual box.

* Click ‘New’ to create a new virtual machine.

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