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Automated Postgres database backup on CentOS

My application is running on Postgres. Now, I’m planning to take daily backup of my database.

So, far I have learned from using PgAdmin III, I can take back up using the backup tool. Its a easy process. Open PgAdmin III, connect to the database server. Right click on the db name and click backup. Save the back up file and it is done. But, I couldn’t find anything, that I can create a schedule and it will take back up according to the schedule.

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Using crontab in Solaris 10

I was looking for a way to use crontab in solaris 10.

So, I did googling and found this linkĀ http://adminschoice.com/crontab-quick-reference

It was helpful. I didn’t go through all those mentioned ways.

All I did…

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