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Removing Header And Footer For a certain page in Appfuse

I wanted to appfuse theme for a certain page. I just needed to design a pop up window. Upon a button click, a popup will be opened. The pop up will contain a a text field and a button. But problem is whatever i do, appfuse decorators adds default header and footer. In a small pop up window, it doesn’t look good with the big header and footer.
I wanted to remove these header and footer. Because, even if i call an empty page without any html or any other code, the decorator addes the header and footer.
Then I found ‘decorators.xml’ in ‘WEB-INF/decorators.xml’. What I did, i put my view page in directory named ‘popup’ in my webroot. added ‘ <pattern>/popup/*</pattern> ‘ this line under ‘<excludes>’ tag. after adding decorators.xml turned out like this….
<decorators defaultdir=”/decorators”>
<decorator name=”default” page=”default.jsp”>