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Automated Postgres database backup on CentOS

My application is running on Postgres. Now, I’m planning to take daily backup of my database.

So, far I have learned from using PgAdmin III, I can take back up using the backup tool. Its a easy process. Open PgAdmin III, connect to the database server. Right click on the db name and click backup. Save the back up file and it is done. But, I couldn’t find anything, that I can create a schedule and it will take back up according to the schedule.

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Connecting Postgres remotely through pgAdmin III

I’m new at postgre. I have installed Postgres to my server machine. It has nice and effective client interface, which is pgAdmin III. I have worked on it, where postgre DB server and pgAdmin III are in same machine. But, now I need connect with the server machine. Which means, my db server is in the server machine which is in CentOS 5.5 x64 and pgAdmin in my client machine which is Win 7. Let’s see if I can do this.

I googled to solve my purpose and found that I need to edit ‘ pg_hba.conf ‘. I have to make entry of my client machine. To be precise, my client machine ip is , I have to put this ip to pg_hba.conf, so my client machine will be permitted to connect to the server.

I found it in ‘ /opt/PostgresPlus/9.0SS/data/ ‘.

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Installing Postgres Plus 9.0.2 on CentOS 5.5 64 bit

I wanted to install Postgre SQL on my CentOS. So, I went for Enterprisedb which is Postgres Plus 9.0.2

I went to http://www.enterprisedb.com/products-services-training/pgdownload to download 64bit version of Postgres Plus. I downloaded ‘postgresplus-9.0.2-1-linux-x64.bin’.

I found that there is some pre requisite to install postgre. I have to install gcc and other libraries. So, I issued ..

yum install bison byacc gcc cc

Now, I need to install  unixODBC. I tried to install it via yum, but it didn’t worked with my downloaded postgre. I want to http://www.unixodbc.org/download.html and downloaded ‘unixODBC-2.3.0.tar.gz’.

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