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Subversion authz, passwd and svnserve.conf

I wanted to configure my subversion/svn server so that I can checkout or commit file with a specific user name and password. This type of authentication depends on three files. These are authz, passwd and svnserve.conf. Which are located in the corresponding repositories conf directory.

When we create a repository, these tree files are created automatically with default values. We have to add/edit some configurations to make work the repository properly.


I want to use a password file for authentication. So, I uncomment the following line to use the default password file.

password-db = passwd

I want  to use the default authorization file. So,

authz-db = authz

I also have to define anonymous access in my repository. I don’t want anyone to have read or write access to my repository.



This password file contains the user name and password of authorized access in the repo.

So, I added my credentials.



This authorization file contains the


SVN / Subversion Backup and Restore

My svn repo was at, now I want to sift it to

Previous one was hosted on Ubuntu platform, where subversion from tigris.org was installed.

The newer one is Red Hat linux and subversion is from apache.org

Both are the same source but version is different. Read more of this post