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Creating partition on unpartitioned space in Sun Solaris 10

Well I need to create partition in my Sun Solaris 10. I never did it before. So, I took virtual box for demonstration.

Open  console and issue …

bash-3.00# format

It gives the following output.

Searching for disks…done
0. c0d0 <DEFAULT cyl 2085 alt 2 hd 255 sec 63>
Specify disk (enter its number):

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XAMPP in Sun Solaris x86

I was looking for some ready package of Apache, mysql, php and phpmyadmin. In linux there is LAMP. For my Sun Solaris x86 I headed for SAMP. After a long time googling I couldn’t find any ready to install product. In XAMPP, there is a version for Solaris SPARC no x86. But, there was a beta version for Sun Solaris x86. I found it here http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-beta.html . Thanks to Kai Seidler for helping me out. Coz, when I tried to install the sparc version on x86, it gave me an error, it also provided a e-mail address to contact. So, I mailed and in reply he gave me beta version link, thanks for quick response.

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